Our History

Our founder, Sid Paterson learned about business from his car dealer father. He entered the advertising field already on the side of the client. For over 50 years, he has treated every client dollar as if it were his own. Fighting for the best rates, times and positions. Negotiating for fair honest prices and watching the results and making sure media and vendors deliver. From the days of Print and Broadcast dominance to today’s digitized world that caring and assuring the agency always gets, does and performs the best for it’s clients hasn’t changed on iota.

Our Philosophy

We adopt a holistic approach. Looking at the whole business, the whole market and the whole opportunities to craft a strategy and campaign to meet our clients goals.

Our Team

Dedication and caring about the smallest aspects of our client’s business is the common core of everyone who works at SPA. Here are those who are the key to creating MORE…

Our Clients

We can say all kinds of wonderful things about us. But here’s some nice words in our clients own words.

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Sid Paterson
Founder CEO
Jaime O'Neill
Vice President
Jack Bloom
Sr Vice President
Tom Avitabile
Sr Vice President Creative Director
Michael Rudman
Production Manager
Bob O'Neill
New Business
Burt Thomas
Miriam Rodriguez
Accounts Payable Manager
Conor Douglas
Account Executive
Lilian Luz
Account Executive
Luan Gashi
Account Coordinator
Luis Rodriguez
Graphic Designer
Lorenzo Conception
Art Director
Pat Asaro
Media Manager
Debra Hedberg
Graphic Designer