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Decades of reaching consumers and getting them to call, walk or click-in has given us a unique perspective on getting the word out to more ready-to-act prospects. This approach is amplified by our innate understanding of digital advertising.  The traditional scatter approach was long ago modified by us to take advantage of the focused, narrow-laser like technique of reaching qualified consumers. The message still consists of solid, benefit to the consumer touch points, but made all the more effective when put before the eyes and ears of potential customers – decision makers who are way down the sales funnel. Let us share with you some of the tricks and techniques, art and science, fact and fiction of today’s reach mediums.  

Digital Advertising

The long game in digital is SEO. We know SEO. We know how to increase SEO ratings. It takes vision and constant monitoring to maintain optimization.

Immediate results, with metrics. The what and where of SEM is still an art form, we have achieved impressive results and mid-course corrections to optimize every SEM dollar. Again fully transparent with our client software apps.

Staying in front of proven customers in the market is our strong suit. The techniques and practices we successfully use are born out of the retargeting business we founded years back.

Keeping the digital store front fresh and up-to-date is the key to a fluid, consistent customer experience.

Our years of experience on creating sticky, easily navigable sites is a bedrock of our digital expertise.

For many clients, app development can secure and group customers and prospects into an affinity base, with practical benefits for the customer base.

Our Social media department and social media director is expert in generating highly interactive, social content that adds a valuable dimension to any clients outgoing messaging.                                 

Your lists, our lists – personal communications via E-mail is a very effective way to bring customers to your door. We understand the essential elements and their positioning that make for a successful return on an E-mail campaign.

Adaptability is only the start. The tremendous power of mobile marketing is enhanced almost every day with new tools and methods of reaching prospects in their hands. We stay on top of the proven approaches and bring them to bear for our clients. 

The difference between a TV commercial or Pre Roll spot is… Not much, in terms of desired results. The tweaking that makes it web-effective is where we shine. The other big difference is that the metrics derived from Pre-rolls combined with our client/agency software can super maximize the spend and immediately adjust. Our In house production allows for quick re messaging or re editing to meet a changing marketplace.
SPA Broadcast

Broadcast, cable and radio are still super effective in branding and prestige. Our roots, and our current strategies, that can reach the masses or deliver a single ad to the unique individual watching on their set top box. A media mix done with financial efficiency in mind can catapult a business into awareness and sales. Over the air

  •  CABLE
We have mastered the science of employing the highly targetable cable networks. From localized coverage to hyper-focal, set top box technology, we can get the ad seen by thousands with an incredible efficiency of spend.

  •  RADIO
Radio continues to dominate broad-area awareness and response. Our personal relationships with most radio stations and networks has been a mainstay of our business for decades.
More For Your Dollar

          Video- We produce over 400 spots a year right from our offices. We know how to cut corners in production without sacrificing quality or message delivery.           Radio- Our in-house ability to create radio production guarantees more message in the same 30 or 60 second spot that limits everyone else.           Jingles- We work with the top most musicians arrangers and composers to make sure its music BUT it delivers the key message in the most memorable way.

  • Print
          Newspaper- Our in-house print production department is a well-oiled machine, that can turn on a dime and get the ad out in time.           Magazine- Our re-touchers and compositors can create brilliant, beautiful full color or black and white ads that pop from the page and grab the reader.           Direct Mail- Impactful DM pieces that grab the recipient as soon as they grab the mail. Our experience in composing and creating effective mail pieces is the key to our success in direct marketing.  

  • Marketing Collateral
          Signage- Bringing the campaign into the store is essential. We create banners, desk cards, hang tags, retractable signs, posters and flags.           Stationary- Complete identity packages, business cards, stationary, note pads, etc. That transmit the spirit as well as the essential information about your business.           Brochures- Mailable and oversized brochures are the perfect way to introduce or remind someone of what you have to offer. We have created thousands of brochures.

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